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My name is Joanne Loveland, and I have Ataxia – SCA6 to be exact.  My Ataxia is the inherited type.  When I decided I wanted to build a website and a Blog to help others who have Ataxia, I also decided to dedicate my efforts to my father, George H. Blank. Dad was someone we all looked up to and respected.  He was a man of character, and lived with SCA6 for the last 22 years of his life.  Although Dad did his best to find out more about his condition, he did not have the internet, Twitter, Facebook, blogs and to communicate with others about his disorder.  There were no support groups to his knowledge.  His Neurologist did help him identify the condition,(Spinocerebellar Ataxia) and then he joined the National Ataxia Foundation. Their quarterly publication Generations was his resource. To read about more of our family history click on: Joanne’s Story on my website.

My brother and I have had stem cell treatments, acupuncture therapy, special diets, vitamin supplements, high energy smoothies, regular exercise, physical therapy, yoga, meditation, prayer, visualization exercises, healing sessions.  I live in California.  My brother lives in Texas.  Our goal is to do whatever we can to help to find a successful way to control and overcome the symptoms we experience with SCA6.

My mission with Ataxia Awareness is to be a resource for anyone that is having to live with Ataxia or a similar condition, and for family and friends that are trying to help a loved one with this condition. In this website you will find medical doctors and holistic practitioners that I have found that could possibly help with Ataxia, as well as a Resources area that offers valuable ataxia research, events, links and articles.

I always welcome feedback and helpful comments about my content.  Also if you are aware of events, fundraisers, research articles, or meetings that will be useful to people with Ataxia and their families send me an email with the info.

In my blog Ataxia Journey, I want to share, educate and encourage those of us dealing with Ataxia everyday. I explain my pro-active journey over the last two years and share what I have tried that is helping me. I try to do something every day to mentally and physically challenge myself.  “If you don’t use it, you’ll loose it.” is a belief I grew up with.  Check out my blog. As I find resources, research and upcoming events that are involved with any of the many types of Ataxia, I will include them on the blog and website.

As mentioned above, attitude and your willingness to "use it" is very important, that is why I have included some of the exercise products that really seem to help me. They are from Yoga, to Wii Fit as well as Mind and Body Books. They can be found in the navbar under Products.

A little bit about me:

After graduating from college, I began teaching as a speech therapist and worked in public schools for 12 years.  I find it very ironic that I have helped many children with speech problems, and now with Ataxia I am challenged everyday with  speaking clearly and swallowing. During my life I have moved many times and have lived in 7 states all around the country.  As my kids got older I got into real estate sales and corporate relocation. Currently I am helping Seniors in my town. I am a companion for a lovely lady with Alzheimer’s three days a week.  I am very active in my church volunteering and belong to a Bible study group that meets once a week.

I have two wonderful children.  My daughter is a physical therapist, and gives great suggestions which I will pass on in this website and the blog. I have 3 beautiful grandchildren, and a terrific man who loves me even with Ataxia.


Thank you for taking the time to come to my website.  I invite you to return often and to follow my blog too.  Let me know if my content is helpful. I can be reached at

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